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The 7 best films about money and Wall Street, which films about trading should you really watch?

Grab the popcorn and put yourself in front of your TV for a series of great movies about money and Wall Street. For example, “The Big Short” received 5 Oscar nominations this year and followed in the footsteps of other films such as “Wall Street”, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Margin Call”. These are 7 of the best movies about money and Wall Street, for those who want to spend a weekend relaxing without checking out online broker accounts and trades you made this week.

The Big Short

The Big Short from 2015 explains particularly well how the real estate bubble that triggered the major financial crisis of 2008 – 2009 arose. This film is both funny and entertaining. Director is Adam McKay.

Margin Call

Margin Call from 2011 is, according to critics, one of the best films ever about money and the stock market. It’s about an investment firm, which is not mentioned by name but has many similarities with Lehman Brothers, just before the financial crisis broke out in 2008. Roaring names like Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons and Demi Moore sell without wasting air as if they were real investments.


Moneyball from 2011 is about the Major Baseball League where the Oakland Athletics turn the league upside down through data analysis to select players. It indirectly gives great lessons about investing in value stocks, efficiency in the workplace and simply getting the most out of your money.

Trading Places (1983)

A manipulative street artist (Eddie Murphy) and a disgruntled trader (Dan Aykroyd) form a team. They take revenge on a greedy investment firm by making millions. The two players are so funny and pleasant that no one notices that they are cheating and setting up an insider trading.

Wall Street

Smart Investing with Gordan Gekko. This 1987 film is about the ‘greed’ culture on Wall Street in the early 1980s. Michael Douglas plays a great Gordon Gekko. This film has had a huge impact on the way many people (still) watch Wall Street.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The 2013 Wolf of Wall Street goes even further than Wall Street, dwarf throwing, nude, cursing, cocaine and much more flies across the screen. It makes you think who’s managing your money, and also it gives a glance at new stock options like marihuana aandelen in The Netherlands.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Get your handkerchief up here. Will Smith plays a wonderful role of a father who only has to raise his child, his son jaden. From sleeping in a subway station to a star in a stock market company. Will Smith earned a nomination for the Oscar for this role for good reason.