Month: September 2021

You can find Finnish stocks on the Helsinki Stock Exchange. However, you can see that the stock market is going through some developments

For example, more and more large companies are being sold to international parties: both Norwegian and Chinese companies buy them up regularly.

  • New shares are being added to the Helsinki Stock Exchange, but many of these new companies are smaller than the ones being sold. As a result, many smaller Finnish companies do not manage to build up a high stock market value like Facebook osake.

Where can you buy Finnish shares cheapest?

When you buy shares for the long term, it is important to examine whether the company is still posting good profit figures. If this is the case, you can certainly consider an investment.  We have listed the various brokers for you so that you can decide which party is the most attractive to you:

The Finnish government has therefore chosen to start offering Finnish shares tax-free.

Finnish investors also receive the dividends from these companies tax-free. This could push up the share prices of Finnish companies in the future which you, as an international investor, can of course benefit from with the advice of

Tips for the investor on the Finnish stock exchange

We like to conclude the article with some useful tips for when you want to buy shares in Finland. A first important tip, is of course to research the economic situation in the country. Many Finnish companies are mainly active in Finland itself, so the consumer confidence in the country is extra important.

In addition, you should of course research the company itself. See if the company continues to post good results. If this is not the case, then it is better to sell the share. By spreading your capital as much as possible over different types of companies, you reduce the risk of losing money with your investments. We wish you good luck with your investments in Finland!

Where is the cheapest place to trade in Finnish stocks?

When you start investing, it is important to keep an eye on costs. Many investors waste money because they lose a large part of their return on costs. But where can you invest cheaply? When you want to actively invest in Finland, you can use Plus500. Plus500 allows you to actively speculate on the prices of Finnish shares with CFDs. Use the button below to open an instant free account with this provider: